Everyone loves receiving a gift, it’s a unique feeling as often the gift giver feels just as good giving it to their special person as the giftee receiving it. The art of showing appreciation or  honoring someone’s special moment is what makes humans unique and being able share that feeling with each other is wonderful. 

How it Works

  • Select the box of your choice

    We’ve made it easy to select the box that you’re looking for. You can search by category, value or occasion. Simply scroll over the images to see what’s included, or click on the picture to see a detailed list of what the Box of Fluffies has.

  • Packed with Love

    Once you’ve selected which Box of Fluffies your lucky giftee will receive, simply add all your details to your cart, then the rest is done for you.
    Our amazing team will carefully hand pack your Box of Fluffies, ensure it has the seal of approval, add your personalised message and send it on it’s way.

  • Delivery

    Your Box of Fluffies will be delivered right to their door. When they open their courier box they’ll be instantly wowed with the box they find inside. Handpacked, presented in a stunning box with a beautiful ribbon – really sets the scene for what they’ll find inside. All that’s left is for your special person to lift the lid... Instant feeling of a “Box of Fluffies”

Personalising your Gift Box

We like to think our Gift Boxes are exactly what you’re looking for, however we also know how cool it is to be able to add your personal touch. 

Box of Fluffies enables you to personalise through your gift box and ribbon colour and add in your own personalized message to your card. 

You can even switch products around, or add more items as you wish, just follow the prompts when ordering and you’ll see how easy it is to do!  

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If you’re looking for further personalisation we can help here too! We’ve got you covered from a branding point of view as well, we’ll just need to talk this through with you so send us an email sales@boxoffluffies.co.nz and share your vision of what you want, then we’ll do the rest and bring it all to life!

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